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Dark Phoenix 2019

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Dark Phoenix is a 2019 sequel to the X-Men films.

0 out of 10 stars.  This was dumb and slow.  If they had made this something other than aliens, it might have had a chance, but I can see why it bombed at the box office.  That and they cast Sophie Turner, who is painful to watch.

Jean Grey is one the most beloved characters in the X-Men comics.  She’s also one of the most hated.  She lacks empathy and is, quite frankly, unlikable.  This entire film centers around her.

The film begins with the car crash that killed Jean Grey’s parents when she was eight.  She caused the crash and killed her parents.

Ten years later, the X-men are called in by the President to save the space shuttle from a solar flare in space.  It’s not a solar flare.  It’s a hostile alien ship following some type of energy anomaly.  They rescue the astronauts but Jean doesn’t return to the ship in time and is engulfed in the energy anomaly, absorbing it.  She begins to change and become more violent.  When she finally attacks children at the school, Xavier intervenes.  Then she discovers that he lied to her about her dad.  He’s alive but hates her for killing her mother.  So she runs away to go and see him then she becomes violent and the police arrive.  The X-men come to save her and she kills Raven, who was like a mother to her.  Now she’s killed both of her mothers.  Jean is completely remorseless.

Faced with being hunted by the U.S. government and nowhere to go, Jean turns to Magneto aka Eric Lynch who created a safe haven island for mutants.  Soldiers arrive in helicopters to take her and she kills them, so Eric kicks her out.  Then the X-men arrived and tell Eric about Raven (who used to be called Mystique).  He loved her and Beast (Hank) loved her too, so they join forces to kill Jean.

Meanwhile the hostile aliens who were following the energy anomaly come to earth and begin taking over human bodies and killing anyone who gets in their way.  They find Jean and begin transforming her.  When she tries to break free, it’s the X-men who save her.  Then the military arrives and takes them all captive on a train to a mutant internment camp.  While they’re on that train, the aliens attack and it’s the X-men who save the soldiers, or at least try to.  Eric and the X-men kill most of the aliens, but Jean kills their queen then she flies into outer space.

0 out of 10 stars.  Written and produced by Simon Kinberg.  Producers shouldn’t write their own screenplays; they suck.



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