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Crime (2021 series)

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Crime is a 2021 series also called Irvine Welsh’s Crime.

0 out of 10 stars. This was really poorly written and incredibly overacted. The average TV viewer is more intelligent that the person who wrote this. Over 6 hours at least 80% of the story is about the lead detective, Ray Lennox’s, alcoholism and drug addiction. Another 10% is about people who aren’t even involved in the investigation. The last 10% is the actual investigation and it’s pretty crappy.

Plot: 13 year old Britney Hamil is abducted on the way home. She is seen being pushed into a van and eventually the van’s license plate number is found. 15 other girls have been kidnapped, raped, murdered, and three days later their bodies put on display in very public places. Britney is found 3 days later. Another detective discovers that all the girls were kidnapped and dumped near the train line in Scotland. So they search through the staff at all those train locations.

As the cops get closer to finding the killer, 10 year old Kylie Jones is abducted playing near her home. The next day, the killer visits Britney’s grave, which they have under surveillance, and they catch him. But he toys with the police taunting them with the knowledge that Kylie is alive and will die if they don’t do as he asks. He pontificates about his own brilliance while they search for her. They find her alive tied to a rock on the beach as the tide comes in with minutes left before she drowns.

The rest is really stupid and slow. There are at least a hundred other detective series released this year that are better than this–better researched, better written, better directed, better acted. They may contain a ridiculous subplot here or there, but they won’t fill 90% of the series with garbage.

0 out of 10 stars. I’m a fan of Dougray Scott. He was wonderful in Ever After and even in Mission Impossible 2. This was a complete disaster. He overacted through the entire series. Granted, it was really poorly written, but the overacting just made it worse. Add to that the scenes that were completely grotesque and unnecessary (one of the cops having graphic sex with a hooker) and this was not watchable.

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