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Crazy Not Insane 2020 film

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Crazy Not Insane is a 2020 HBO documentary about the mental deficits of serial killers.

0 out of 10 stars.  This is not science.  There are so many holes in her ideology and so many general statements never backed by any research.  “Many”, “several”, and “mostly” are not scientific measurements.  They’re subjective like all psychiatric work.  If you watch this please ignore everything she says.

This documentary is about Dr. Dorothy Lewis’s studies on serial killers.  I say studies, because this not science and therefore should not be called experiment or research.  Probably the worst thing the director could do was let Dorothy ramble on and on throughout the documentary.  She is not a particularly intelligent person and makes a large number of generalizations without backing them with any facts.

Her first diatribe is listing the names of several prominent people and calling them all anti-Semites.  She gives no reasons why, no facts, nothing.  She simply tarnishes their names by calling them anti-Semites.  That’s defamation.

Then she goes on to relay her work with children at the Bellevue Psychiatric Ward in New York City.  Of the 55 children in the psychiatric unit, 21 were homicidal.  How was that measured?  She doesn’t explain.  So this is not actual research.  There are no controls, no measurements, no protocols.

Her next study involves serial killers who were abused as children and who display brain damage, that is damaged parts of their brains.  Again, there’s no control, no protocols, no actual research.  She says she studied 22 serial killers who all had brain dysfunction due to abuse as children.  Again, no control, no protocols, no numbers, no actual research.  Just vague statements.

What was deeply disturbing is that she claimed many of the individuals she studied were psychopaths because of a single Rorschach test.  Rorschach tests are highly unreliable and should never be used as a measurement in any scientific study.  They’re completely subjective.  Facts are objective, not dependent on a person’s biases.

The documentary then takes a sharp right turn into multiple personalities.  Dorothy is one of those psychologists who is called by the defense to claim the defendant needs care, not prison.  :0  During one trial, she orders the judge around and refuses to answer any questions, calling the defense lawyer a liar.  She clearly became unhinged for some reason and fell to pieces in the courtroom.  I wouldn’t trust anything that came out of her mouth.

In the few cases where she interviewed serial killers on camera, she hypnotized them and asked them leading questions, practically putting words in their mouths.  Then she presents her videos as “research” in order to get serial killers out of prison.  :0

So now that we’ve debunked everything that Dr. Dorothy Lewis says in this documentary, let’s talk about what really happens when a brain is damaged in child abuse or domestic abuse situations because this is actually something I’ve seen firsthand.  When a person’s head is slammed into a door, a wall, or if they are repeatedly punched, they suffer brain damage.  This is the same type of brain damage that boxers suffer and was described very effectively in the film, Concussion (2015) starring Will Smith.  The condition is called Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy and is basically a shrinking and hardening of the brain from repeated traumatic injury, that is repeated blows to the head like in boxing or domestic abuse.  It affects memory, coordination, and speech.  It does NOT create serial killers.

0 out of 10 stars.  Dr. Dorothy Lewis has serious issues.  She shouldn’t be giving advice on anything.  If you really want to see what chronic abuse does to the brain, watch Concussion, the 2015 film with Will Smith.  It’s about boxing, but domestic abuse victims suffer the same injuries. 


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