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Copycats Stasia Black and Chantel Seabrook

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Why Amazon is No Longer Safe for Kids

For the past decade Amazon has been selling adult products under the brand names of kids’ products.

My kids were looking for lawn gnomes, a category I thought would be safe, until they came across two lawn gnomes having sex.  There was no “adult” filter on the content at all.

My kids also read the same sweet romance series I read, the Bride Lottery series and Marriage Lottery series by Caty Callahan.   Instead of actually getting either of these series (which are both trademarked by the author), my kids got graphic smut novels.  Again, there was no “adult” filter on the content at all.

I no longer let my kids search Amazon.  I have Amazon listed in our family computer as an “unsafe” site.  You should too.

Amazon’s Fake Review System

If you shop at all on Amazon, then you know they have a serious problem with fake reviews.  It’s also no secret that Amazon encourages these fake reviews.

One way to find fake reviews is through Fakespot at  Although not bulletproof, they do find a lot of fake reviews.  The problem in the book industry is that an Amazon employee (“Jay”) has been running “Get Rich by  Publishing Erotica Novels” program for over a decade.  This program walks people through a step-by-step process of stealing ideas and story lines from popular series (plagiarism), paying someone to cheaply write a novel based on that plot, then posting it on Amazon with fake reviews.  These reviews are from other authors in the same group.  So quite often they pass the Fakespot test because they’re other authors.

Stasia Black’s Plagiarized Marriage Lottery Series

For example, look at Stasia Black‘s rating on Fakespot.  She copied the series story line and several individual plot lines from Caty Callahan’s Marriage Lottery series.  She even called her series The Marriage Lottery series until Amazon made her re-name them.  Now she calls them the Marriage Raffle series.  Her novels even had maps inside of them making it clear that Stasia Black copied the 2016 release of the series right down to the maps.  Amazon not only allowed it; they encouraged it by giving Stasia Black’s books higher ranking in searches than the actual series by Caty Callahan!  By the way, Stasia Black is actually a fifty-six year-old heavyset white man living in Arizona.

Stasia Black's fake reviews on Amazon | Book Addicts

Chantel Seabrook’s Plagiarized Wife Lottery Series

Chantel Seabrook aka Charlie Hart aka Frankie Love are the same person, one of Jay’s students.  When his series first came out there were several reviewers who pointed out that his stories were plagiarized from another author.  Charlie Hart suddenly changed his name to Frankie Love.  Look at Amazon’s product pages for those novels today.  Looks like they haven’t completely changed the product pages over. Of course, these aren’t the author’s real names any more than Stasia Black is Stasia Black’s real name.

Charlie Hart and Chantel Seabrook's plagiarized novels | Book Addicts

Frankie Love and Chantel Seabrook's plagiarized kindle book | Book Addicts

Deeply Disturbing Misogyny of Chantel Seabrook’s Novels

What’s even worse than plagiarizing the story lines of these popular series is that these authors are actually men with seriously misogynist ideas.  Their novels are filled with hatred toward women. Their female characters are disgusting, vile, and misogynistic toward other women.  I’d be happy if Amazon got rid of the entire “erotica” genre.  Did I forget to mention that these authors are actually old heavy set white men who work for Amazon???

Misogyny of Chantel Seabrook, Frankie Love, and Charlie Hart's series | Book Addicts

Why Amazon is Selling Smut

So what do these plagiarists have in common?  They’re men; they’re white; and they work for Amazon.

The truly horrible part is that they’re influencing an entire generation of young men and women to think it’s okay to plagiarize; it’s okay to beat women; it’s okay to lie, cheat, and steal; and it’s okay to hurt other people, especially if they’re women.  Is it any wonder so many people have left Amazon?  It is no longer a safe marketplace.


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