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Complete Gospels by Robert J Miller

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The Complete Gospels by Robert J Miller is now in its 4th edition.

10 out of 10 stars. What a beautiful book. How do you describe a book that brings the gospels back to life?

When the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi texts were discovered everyone was so excited that they failed to realize how much damage the texts had suffered. Such is the fate of most documents that were written around or before the time of Jesus. Those texts have to be recreated from portions that remain intact and other texts that reference them. That is an enormous task to take on and yet that’s what fills the pages of this beautiful book.

If you have a previous version, please get this one. The previous versions are missing some of the material, a LOT of the footnotes, and were in way smaller text so as to be almost unreadable. This version has nice white thick pages with clear large text and plenty of footnotes and explanations. I particularly found the section that talked about the three kingdoms of Judaism really helpful.

Since a table of contents is not given and there is no look inside feature here’s what’s inside:
GOSPELS of: Mark, Matthew, Luke, John, Signs Gospel, Q Gospel, Thomas, James, Dialogue of the Savior, Mary, Judas, Peter, Gospel of the Savior, Mystical Gospel of Mark, Egerton, Oxyrhynchus 840, Oxyrhynchus 1224, Infancy Gospel of James and Thomas, Hebres, Ebionites, Nazoreans.

I have a large library of religious texts and history books from the time of Jesus. Many of these books are littered with bias. Bias against women, bias against Jews, bias against people of color, etc. (For a great book on seeing bias try Judgment in Managerial Decision Making by Max Bazerman). I especially abhor the texts that mis-interpret the passages about women. When Jesus spoke of women he quite often was referring to the human body of flesh (women give birth so our bodies are “of woman”). That’s what “of woman” means. He was not a woman hater. Yet so many translators miss that point. The translators in this book do NOT. 🙂

I can’t stress enough that you will not find these texts in any other book. You may find pieces of them in the Nag Hammadi text or the Dead Sea Scrolls but you won’t understand the context and much of it will be missing. Read this book. You’ll fall in love with Jesus all over again.

10 out of 10 stars. A masterpiece.


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