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Cold Comes the Night

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This is an interesting little film I never heard of before I watched it.  It has a very clever ending, very unexpected.

Chloe is a young mother working as a night clerk at a motel.  In exchange for working there, and turning a blind eye to the prostitutes and drug dealers who use the motel for business, she gets a free room for herself and her daughter as well as money on the side.  She’s sleeping with a married Deputy Sheriff who is crooked.

One night there’s a double murder in the motel.  Those murders are connected to a nearly-blind Russian hit man staying at the motel.  She calls the deputy sheriff and the police confiscate the victims’ Jeep.  Unfortunately, there’s something valuable in that Jeep that Toppo, the Russian hit man, wants.  In the morning, Toppo shows up in Chloe’s office with a gun and kidnaps her, forcing her to help him retrieve money hidden in that Jeep which is now in police impound.

From that moment on, an unlikely friendship forms between Chloe and Toppo as he realizes she’s smart and a pretty reliable partner.  Good help is so hard to find.

Clever twists and an ending you won’t see coming.

10 out of 10 stars.  I liked it.  It’s not every film that can take a dismal life and make it all better by the end of the film.

Reviewed by Jill.

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