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Clarice Season 1 (2021 series)

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Clarice is a 2021 series from CBS taken from the film Silence of the Lambs and Thomas Harris’s novels about Clarice Starling a young FBI agent in the BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit).  It picks up a year after Silence of the Lambs and before Hannibal.

Episode 1

7 out of 10 stars.  I would’ve given this 10 stars, but for the dumb subplot with Katherine Martin’s phone calls to Clarice which are sadistic and psychopathic and the terrible casting of Michael Cudlitz as Paul Krendler.

Recap:  In Silence of the Lambs, Clarice Starling is a young FBI trainee tasked with doing background investigation on a series of homicides by a serial killer dubbed Buffalo Bill.  He got that nickname from skinning his victims.  He kidnapped plump women, starved them over a matter of weeks until their skin was loose, then killed then and skinned them to make a coat for himself.  He raised Death’s Head moths and put their chrysalises in the mouths of the victims.  Clarice stumbled upon him when she knocked on James Gum’s door to question him about the death of his neighbor.  When she saw a death’s head moth in his kitchen she realized he was Buffalo Bill and killed him saving the victim he was currently holding hostage, Catherine Martin, the daughter of Senator Martin.

As episode 1 begins, Senator Martin (a woman) has been appointed U.S. Attorney General and immediately creates a serial killer task force called VICAP.  She puts Clarice on that task force.  Her boss is Paul Krendler (of Hannibal fame), an uptight bureaucrat in his 70s who is clueless how to investigate a murder and who has no respect for Starling.

Two women are found naked in a local river of a small southern town.  They’ve both been shot, stabbed, and have bite marks all over their bodies.  Bud Clarice sees something more–these two women had both been in a clinical trial for migraine medication that causes severe birth defects in children.  They both settled out of court with a gag clause and were secretly telling their stories to a local news reporter and were going to go public.  By the time a third victim is killed, Clarice has figured this out with her partner and they are on their way to the reporter’s home.  They find the killer there, having just slit the reporter’s wrists to make it look like she killed herself.  She is still alive.  And they get the killer, who was hired by the pharmaceutical company.

I love Clarice’s friend Ardelia and her book, People I’m Sending to Hell. 🙂

7 out of 10 stars.  What I liked most about this series is the mood it sets.  Don’t be stupid.  Be methodical and clever.  And speak the truth.  Don’t let an old white man make you feel like you’re dumb when he’s the idiot.  But most of all, be true to yourself.  After four years with a white racist pedophile as president and a Russian porn queen as the first lady, a series like this is refreshing.


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