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Brimstone (film)

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Brimstone is a 2016 film set in Pioneer America.

0 out of 10 stars. This film depicts the beating and rape of a five year old girl as well as multiple animals slaughtered.

This is a very graphic film about an abusive incestuous rapist pedophile stalking his daughter and granddaughter which is probably why it received such poor reviews. The last ten minutes has a graphic scene in which an old man strips naked his 5 year old granddaughter, whips her, and pepares to rape her like he did her mother when she was 13. It’s also told in four acts out of order which makes it very confusing.

SPOILERS AHEAD: In act 3 we meet Joanna, the daughter of an abusive Dutch reverend. He regularly beats her mother Anna and begins to take a sexual interest in Joanna when she begins menstruating. He tells Anna and Joanna that God has made Joanna for him, to become his wife. When Anna tells him he’s committing a sin, he takes her to town and has the blacksmith fit her with a full head muzzle and locks it onto her head so she can never speak. Joanna tells her she’s ashamed of her, so Anna hangs herself in church. Meanwhile, two criminals who’ve been shot take refuge in Joanna’s barn. One, Sam, is kind. The other is a rapist and murderer. Sam kills the other criminal to protect Joanna and she falls in love with him. After Anna kills herself, the reverend takes the metal head muzzle and locks it onto Joanna’s head, then drags her to the church to “marry her”. Sam tries stopping him and the reverend kills him. The reverend strips Joanna naked, mercilessly whips her, and rapes her repeatedly. In the wee hours of morning, she escapes and runs into the desert.

In act 2 Joanna is dying in the desert and found by a Chinese family. They sell her to a saloon owner/pimp named Frank to become a prostitute. She’s 13. Frank is the second man to rape her. Fast forward ten years. Joanna’s best friend is Elizabeth. Elizabeth talks back to a john and Frank punishes her by cutting out her tongue, so Elizabeth accepts an offer of marriage from a widower in Montana with a little boy. The night before she is to leave, the reverend shows up and buys Joanna. He is beating her when Elizabeth intervenes and attacks him. The reverend stabs Elizabeth and Joanna cuts his throat. Joanna sets the place on fire and takes Elizabeth’s place, cutting out her own tongue. Frank is killed in the fire.

In act 1 we see Joanna (aka Elizabeth) with a five year old daughter Sam. She works as a midwife in a superstitious religious community of uneducated idiots. Her husband is kind. Her stepson hates her. And the reverend eventually comes to town and takes over the church. He touches a pregnant woman’s abdomen and the baby dies. Joanna is blamed. The grieving father of the dead baby attacks Joanna’s house and family and the reverend talks him into leaving. That night the reverend slaughters all of their sheep and, thinking it’s the grieving father, Joanna’s husband rides off with his son to make him pay. The reverend comes and locks Joanna in the barn so he can spend time with Sam alone. But he’s gone by the time her husband and son return. Her husband doesn’t believe her that the reverend is evil until he corners the husband in the barn and slits his throat.

In act 4 Joanna (aka Elizabeth) takes off with Sam and Mathew, her stepson, to find her husband’s father. The reverend catches them before they make it. He kills Mathew, who is only 12, and kills the grandpa who they find. The reverend ties up Joanna and makes her watch as he repeats to Sam what he did to Joanna. He strips her naked, whips her, and prepares to rape her. Sam is only 5. Joanna gets loose (by dislocating her shoulders) and kills the reverend. As the film ends, the grieving father from act 1 shows up and arrests Joanna (aka Elizabeth) for Frank’s murder. He shackles her and takes her on a boat downriver. She jumps into the river and dies.

There seems to be a trend with screenwriters to outdo each other with how low they’ll sink on what they put into film. This film is very graphic. Not just the whipping and rapes and other violence toward women, but the violence toward animals. There’s a graphic pig slaughter and sheep slaughter. All unnecessarily over-the-top.

0 out of 10 stars. AWFUL.

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