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Bride Lottery Fairytales 15: Rome and Juliet by Caty Callahan

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Bride Lottery Fairtyales 15 Rome and Juliet by Caty Callahan is the story of two young adults from feuding families who fall in love.

10 out of 10 stars. I’ve been a fan of Caty Callahan’s sweet romance series since it began. It’s nice to see actual romance in a romance novel.

In this post-apocalyptic world men far outnumber women so a lottery system is created that allows every man the same chance to acquire a bride. But marrying a woman doesn’t mean she’ll stay. If you’re a man and you’re lucky enough to get a woman in the lottery you have to charm her and romance her to get her to stay.

In this particular story, a lottery goes awry before Rome Montgomery and Juliet Capshaw are even born, but that creates a feud between their two families. Although the children don’t know the source of the feud, Juliet has a pretty good idea where it came from. In a family full of blondes, her brother Stanton stands out as the dark-haired, dark-eyed black sheep of the family. He broods like the Montgomery men. He stands like the Montgomery men. In fact if he wasn’t her brother she’d think for sure he was a Montgomery. And when Hudson Montgomery comes to the ranch with his sons to buy horses, Juliet’s mother sits by the window waiting in her best dress. She speaks Austin’s name with a longing that’s tangible.

When Juliet’s mother Yvette dies, she realizes her only chance at happiness is going to be to leave home. Her father is an unforgiving man and has always wanted a third son. Juliet is nothing but a disappointment. Having seen the youngest Montgomery son, Rome, only once she goes to his home town and bumps into him. It’s love at first sight for both of them. Under the name Julie Blue she marries Rome and they live an idyllic life. Then Rome’s father buys a wedding gift for the couple, a few horses from the famous Capshaw horse line, and Juliet’s brothers deliver the horses. As you can imagine, all hell breaks loose as it’s revealed that Julie Blue is Juliet Capshaw, the daughter of their enemy.

Within a matter of days, Juliet is homeless and without a husband or family. Her husband can’t forgive her and neither can her father. Tired of the feud, the magistrate fakes her death to finally end it and sends her with money from her father’s estate so she can start a new life somewhere else. The only catch is that she can never come back and she can never use her real name again.

This is the setting for a wonderful love story filled with regret, pain, shame, and longing.

10 out of 10 stars. The Bride Lottery Fairytales series is probably my favorite series of romances. Each one takes a popular fairytale and creates a romance using those characters with a lottery twist. Perfect for the beach, a picnic, or a Sunday afternoon. These are sweet romances which means if there is sex it is tasteful, not explicit, and between a married couple. I also like that the series maintains wholesome Christian values which is hard to find in any romance novel.

Reviewed by Becky.

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