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Bride Lottery 11: Survivor by Caty Callahan

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Bride Lottery #11: Survivor by Caty Callahan is a unique love story.

10 out of 10 stars. I love a romance that actually has romance.

The heroine in this story was an abused child and the hero is a self-made rancher with no interest in getting married. But when he sees an 18 year old girl enter the lottery and almost be strangled to death by her abusive father, he intervenes and marries her, taking her far away from her father. That sets the mood for a beautiful love story.

Molly Brown is indestructible and in fact was named after Margaret Molly Brown the famous indestructible woman who survived many disasters. She’s survived seven broken bones and countless beatings at the hands of her father. Her brother Mathew never gets beaten so he doesn’t understand why Molly enters the lottery. When he tells their father, Jason Brown rushes to town and almost kills his daughter. It’s Dylan West, a rancher moving his herd outside of town, who comes to Molly’s rescue, marries her, and takes her away from her abusive father.

What follows is a sweet tale of falling in love with someone who is kind, gentle, and reliable only to figure out too late that he’s a great guy but not really in love with you. Dylan is Molly’s hero and it crushes her to discover his interest in her is platonic. He works hard and has no time for a wife. By the time he realizes differently, she’s already gone and rides right into a lethal flu epidemic.

I loved it. Like all of the bride lotteries and marriage lotteries by Caty Callahan, it has a happy ending. One thing I love about the lottery novels is that they always have justice. People really do get what they deserve.

10 out of 10 stars. This is a sweet romance, perfect for teenage girls and adults too. 🙂

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