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Brennan Brides 8 Homely by Caty Callahan

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Brennan Brides #8 Homely is a sweet romance by Caty Callahan.

10 out of 10 stars.  This has become one of my favorites.

Like most of the lottery books, this romance begins with a lottery.  Christian Brennan is there because his girlfriend of two years suddenly decided she wasn’t going to marry him.  And by the way she’s been sleeping with his partner and best friend for the past six months.  :0  So Christian’s got a little chip on his shoulder.  He’s looking for a girl who won’t dump him, a sure thing.  So he goes to the nearest town on Lottery Day and picks the homeliest girl there, Amy Campbell.  Ouch.

Amy isn’t your typical heroine.  She’s an orphan and has been since she was twelve when her parents died.  A year later her older brother Tad exacted revenge on the family who killed their parents and was sent to a work camp.  Amy was sent off to a temporary family who assured the Brennanmen they would take good care of her.  They didn’t.  They beat her.  But she took it because she wanted her brother to know where to find her when he served his time at the work camp.  Three years later, the foster parents die in a flu epidemic and Amy is alone again at 16, still waiting for Tad to find her.  She takes on odd jobs here and there, trying to make ends meet, always moving, always searching.  When she turns 18, she’s finally old enough to enter the lottery and she meets Christian.

From the very beginning, Christian is quiet.  But he’s still kinder to Amy than anyone in her life has been since her parents died and Tad was taken away.  She can even forgive him for being a Brennanmen because for the first time in six years she has hope.  He can help her find Tad.  But all of that flies out the window when she overhears Christian arguing with his other partner about why he married her.  It’s not every day you discover your husband thinks you’re homely and picked you because no one else would want you.  Ouch.

Amy runs and right from the beginning, Christian chases after her.  Not out of love, but out of need.  He’s become accustomed to her face, her scent, her voice, her everything.  That’s what marriage is–becoming part of a team of two. But eventually in seeing Amy through other people’s eyes he realizes how much he loves her.  And the rest of the novel is her running and him chasing her.

10 out of 10 stars.  Every time I read a lottery book I expect it to be similar to one of the other ones, especially since Caty Callahan has like a 100 novels now, but they are all very unique.  This one is unique and nothing like the others.  At first Christian isn’t very likable, but then he grows on you, especially when you see the world through his eyes.  In most of the lottery novels the Brennanmen are so perfect you never imagine that they have flaws, but they do.  In a world where most romance novels are depressing with no romance and graphic sex, this is a true romance novel.

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