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Brennan Brides 1: Escape by Caty Callahan

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Brennan Brides 1 Escape by Caty Callahan is a romantic suspense novel that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

10 out of 10 stars for a great read.

It’s no secret here that I am a huge fan of Caty Callahan’s Bride Lottery series and have been for three years (or is it five now…). The Bride Lottery series has had many copycats over the years, but they have never come close to the original series. It is unique.

Brennan Brides are Bride Lottery romances where the grooms are always Brennanmen, the peacekeepers who all come from the Brennan family. These are the hot hunks of the future. Since Brennans are peacekeepers, every Brennan Bride romance has an adventure and usually crime. They’re romantic suspense novels and this is the first in the series, about a serial killer.

It all starts with a case of eavesdropping gone wrong. Becca Murphy is visiting the Blue Mountains and is in Blue Mountain City when she bumps into a gorgeous man. Hearing that he’s on his way to Lottery Field to enter the lottery, she runs straight there. Not realizing he was joking. Now she’s stuck in a lottery with no one she really wants to marry.

Jethro Anders is in that lottery and he has three kids. When he catches Becca waving to his daughter, he chooses her name and drags her to his cabin on the mountain where he introduces her to the punishment room, a place where he tortures her.

Gage Brennan quickly realizes something is seriously wrong with Jethro and his new wife Becca. But by the time he starts investigating, Becca is fighting for her life. Add a cute girl named Patty, her brother Jimmy, and an evil older brother with the cunning of their father and you have a scary romance that will keep you turning the pages.

Like all of the Bride Lottery books, this is a novella which means it’s about 40,000-50,000 words, slightly smaller than a full length novel. The pacing is very fast. I never feel like backstory is being dumped by the author and I never feel uncomfortable with the romance part. I’m not a big fan of novels that have a lot of casual sex. The Bride Lottery books don’t have that which is a big part of why I love them.

I also love the Brennanmen. Seriously. These are the guys every girl wants to grow up and marry. They’re kind, gentle, handsome, strong, and as the author herself has said many times, their moral compass always points due North.

10 out of 10 stars for characters I love and fast pacing. I loved it.

Reviewed by Colleen.

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