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Bordertown is a 2016 Finnish series about a unique police detective who can look at a crime scene and figure out what happened without the regular induction required by most detectives. English dubbing and English subtitles on Netflix.

5 out of 10 stars. This series started out well (episodes 1 through 3 are awesome) but went downhill after that. After episode 6 there was way too much personal backstory for the main character, Kari Sorjonen.

Episodes 1 – 3 Dolls House

The best three episodes of this series are the first three, called The Dolls’ House. A dentist creates a pornography website on the dark web called Doll House. On this site are constantly streaming videos of beautiful young girls completely naked being posed like dolls in various positions, often with a naked man or another naked woman. He hires a group of men to help him gather young teenage girls to become these “dolls”. That’s when the bodies begin piling up. Is it the chauffeur killing them? Or the dentist himself?

Episodes 4-5 Dragonflies

This was epicly stupid, probably targeted toward the adolescent to young teen crowd. It also had a main character similar to Mark Zuckerberg, a creepy teen who was hated by girls and loathed by other guys. This teenager starts importing designer drugs called dragonflies into the border town Lappeenranta from Russia. He uses them to host huge parties and get girls, but if the girls don’t respond favorably to his creepiness he gives them the deadly dragonflies that are laced with something poisonous.

Episodes 6-7 The Fury

This was about a dog-fighting ring and really boring.

Episodes 8-9 Lady in the Lake

This had the potential to be the best story arc in the series but it fell flat with a stupid plot. A young woman is found in a fishing trap at the bottom of a lake with a tube feeding her oxygen. She’s been there three days, some kind of torture for being the surrogate mother to a couple that was hated. The rest was just dumb.

5 out of 10 stars. After the 9th episode we couldn’t watch anymore. I’m not sure why this series was renewed. They must be desperate for tv series over in Finland. Watchable if you turn on the dubbing, otherwise pass.



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