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Bordertown: Mural Murders (2020)

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Bordertown: Mural Murders is a 2020 film.

0 out of 10 stars.  This film is a sequel to season 3 of the Finnish series Bordertown.  It was awful.  I’d like my two hours back.

In season 3 of Bordertown, Kari Sarjonen finally cathches serial killer Lasse Maasolo, who’s a justice killer.  He murders the families of people who have gotten away with committing serious crimes.  These are graphic murders.

In Mural Murders, Maasolo is using someone on the outside to murder the top five people on a website list of the worst people in Finland.  Lower on that list is Lena’s daughter, Katya who played a prank on a sexist, racist men’s club.

Haakinen, Kari’s friend in the NBI, finds Kari in a mental institution and asks him to help him on the case.  But during their investigation Maasolo escapes.

I didn’t like this film and here’s why.  In season 2 of Bordertown, Katya saved the lives of Kari, his wife Paulina, and his daughter Janina by shooting a killer who had them hostage.  In this film, the killer, Maasolo’s accomplice, kidnaps Katya.  When Lena begs Kari to go with her to save Katya, he refuses.  Even after all that Lena and Katya have done for him.  :0

0 out of 10 stars.  Bordertown wasn’t the best tv but it also wasn’t the worst.  This was a pale imitation of that, really bad tv.


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