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Blow the Man Down (film)

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Blow the Man Down is a 2020 film produced by Amazon.

3 out of 10 stars.  It’s not as bad as most of the Amazon produced garbage, but it’s still pretty slow.  They also miscast Morgan Saylor as the younger and uglier sister.  It was painful to watch her try to act.

The film begins in a small fishing town in Maine that’s hit hard times.  Everyone here is poor.  Two sisters, Priscilla and Mary Beth, bury their mom and attend the funeral.  While guests are in their home after their funeral, MaryBeth discovers that they are broke.  She didn’t realize that the year their mom was sick they went through what savings she had and now have a house that’s heavily mortgaged, medical bills, funeral bills, and no savings.  So MaryBeth goes out and does what she does most nights.  She gets drunk at the local bar and picks up a guy.  This time it’s the manager of the one brothel in town, Gorski.

Gorski is also drunk, too drunk to drive, so MaryBeth drives.  She runs his car into a large sign by the side of the road, backs up, then drives them both to Gorski’s house to have sex.  Apparently in this small town, the assumption is if you buy a chick a drink you get to take her home for sex.  Gross.  MaryBeth is half naked when Gorski pops the truck open and she sees women’s clothing covered in blood in the trunk.  She freaks out and runs from Gorski.  He chases after her trying to convince her she has nothing to be afraid of.  And actually he has made no overt threats to her.  She shoots him with a harpoon gun and then hits him over the head with a rock, killing him.  Then she goes home and tells Priscilla everything, only the facts are fuzzy because she’s drunk.

Priscilla helps MaryBeth dispose of Gorski’s body in the ocean and cleans up his place so there is no evidence.  But what she doesn’t know is that she drops her knife that has the family name on it.  Oops.

The next day Priscilla notices her knife missing.  MaryBeth goes to Gorski’s place to search for it.  She doesn’t find the knife, but she does find a bag of cash and brings it home.  Meanwhile, a local cop named Brennan stops at the family shop and asks to borrow Priscilla’s boat to pick up a body they found in the water.  She loans him their boat and follows him to the docks.  The body is that of Dee, a local hooker, and she’s been murdered.

After MaryBeth leaves Gorski’s place without the knife, Enid, the local madam who Gorski works for, comes to his home looking for the bag of cash that Dee stole from her.  She doesn’t find the cash, but she does find the knife.  She goes to the girls and tells them she has their knife and they have her cash. They can swap and she’ll keep her mouth shut.

Meanwhile, there are three old ladies trying to get Enid’s whorehouse shut down.  Apparently the three old women, Priscilla and MaryBeth’s mom, and Enid started the business together.  It’s the only thing that kept them all from being homeless for many years.  But now that times are better, they want the whorehouse shut down.  When Enid refuses, they lure one of the hookers to their house under false pretenses and then tell her that Enid killed Dee. That hooker goes back to the brothel and listens to the last message that Dee left her.  It was a voicemail in which she tells her the combination to Enid’s safe.  So Dee robbed Enid the night she died and Enid sent Gorski after her.

The hooker figures all of this out and on the night that Priscilla and MaryBeth bring Enid the bag of cash and leave with their knife, the hooker smothers Enid with a pillow, robs the safe, and leaves town.

And that’s the end of this very odd story.

3 out of 10 stars.  Most of the films and series produced by Amazon are pretty awful.  This one included.

When this was first released, Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB immediately gave it glowing reviews.  Keep in mind that IMDB is an Amazon company staffed with white males.  And 85% of the staff at Rotten Tomatoes are the same.  You really can’t trust what you read at either of those sites.

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