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Blood (series)

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Blood is a 2018 Irish series that involves a murder mystery.

6 out of 10 stars. Ever watch a movie that gets under your skin and makes you angry? This is one of those.

I hesitate to call this a murder mystery because it really isn’t. It’s more a dirty family secret.

Cat is the youngest of the three children of Jim and Mary Hogan. Jim is the local doctor. Mary is an invalid with ALS.
Cat has always been the black sheep and we learn quickly it’s because of something she saw as a child that her father wanted to bury so he said she made it up and this alienated her entire family. This one act has ruined Cat’s life because her father, a medical doctor, has insisted her entire life that she’s a liar, that she exaggerates, and that she can’t be trusted. So when Cat goes home to her mother’s funeral and finds evidence that her father may have killed her mother, she starts hunting down all the family secrets and digging into the past.

This was more than just a dysfunctional family. The siblings, mother, and father were downright cruel to Cat.
I don’t find this normal or healthy, so the “tidy” ending at the end seemed completely unrealistic.

The thing that Cat saw was her father beat up Barry’s father the afternoon he killed himself. Barry’s dad had been sexually harassing Mary. Their oldest daughter Fiona saw it and told her father. Then Jim told Barry’s dad that he would ruin him if he didn’t resign his job and leave Mary alone. And Barry’s dad responded by killing himself and leaving a suicide note addressed to Jim blaming him for everything. So everyone in the family knew that what Cat told them was true, but they all called her a liar, convinced her she was crazy, and told her she was untrustworthy and a troublemaker. That’s a sign of psychopathy–they try to make their victims think they’re crazy so no one will listen to them. And yes, Jim did kill Mary, but he did it because she begged him to. By the end of the film the entire family is destroyed from the lies, not because Jim had actually committed murder.

6 out of 10 stars. Bingeworthy but the acting could’ve been better.


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