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Blackspace 2021 series

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Blackspace is a 2021 Netflix series about a shooting in an Israeli school.

2 out of 10 stars.  This started out pretty good but quickly devolved into a lame plot with bad acting and dumb situations.  I also didn’t appreciate the constant derogatory remarks about the US.

The series begins at Heritage High School during the senior class’s end of year assembly.  A girl is singing in front of the assembly and a boy beside her is playing the guitar.  Then two people in unicorn masks wearing painter coveralls enter the room with guns and start shooting.  The end up killing four students and wounding several others.  The police find three Palestinian workers hiding on the roof, scared, and arrest them.  They worked there, heard the shooting, and hid like everyone else.  When Rami Davidi is appointed as the detective in charge, the first thing he does is announce that the Palestinian workers did NOT shoot anyone.  Thank God.  He gets in trouble for that, but it’s the right thing to do.  He realized from the very beginning that students did this.

What’s very frustrating in this series is that you’re not given all the information until episode 7 when a video surfaces.  In that video two of the victims were assaulting a gay student named Ido Lev who killed himself after the assault.  The third shooting victim had dumped Ido after the assault.  And the fourth shooting victim was Ido’s best friend.  So right there, you have an event that ties all four victims together.

After 8 hours, it’s revealed that three students, all friends of Ido Lev’s (including two of the shooting victims) decided to shoot the students responsible for Ido’s death and to make a point.  They shoot the singer (Meirav), the guitarist (Tsahi), and then one of the shooters, Dor, decides he’s had enough and is going to turn himself in.  So another shooter, Eran, shoots Dor and kills him.  It’s unclear how Eran gets shot.  Maybe from Dor or he shot himself to make it look like he’s a victim.  The two remaining shooters are Libby and Itamar.  Libby was one of the students who assaulted Ido Lev and filmed it.  She wanted to be caught because she couldn’t live with what she’d done, but the principal, Chanoch, kept covering up evidence to hide what they did.  :0

Eran kills himself in custody.  Itamar is arrested after shooting Davidi.  Libby gets away.  And nothing made any difference.  I did like that they took out the biggest bully in the school, rich kid Tom.  What a monster.

2 out of 10 stars.  This is how NOT to write a series.


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