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Black Field

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Black Field is a Canadian film, but it’s not half bad.  Bleak and dark, but it does have a happy ending.

Two Scottish sisters, Maggie and Rose, live alone on an isolated Canada farm after their parents and brother die.  A Frenchman appears named David La Touche.  He asks to stay a couple of nights while his horse rests, but Rose senses something wrong about him.  He appears to leave, but really moves into the barn and starts a sexual relationship with Rose who is only 14 years old.  Rose has led a pampered life.  Maggie shoulders the burden of the farm while Rose lays around all day dreaming of princes and castles.  😉

When Maggie realizes David is having sex with her fourteen year-old sister, she orders him to leave.  In the morning, he’s gone, but he’s taken Rose with him.  That sets Maggie off on a journey to find her sister and the man who is not who he appears to be.

In the synopsis for this film it says this is a love triangle.  It is not.  Maggie has raised Rose so she is more like a child than a sister and Maggie is not in love with David.  She only temporarily placates him so she can disentangle Rose from his clutches.  I would also not call the relationship between Rose and David a love story.  When David thinks Maggie is interested in him, he drops Rose like a hot potato.  That’s not love.  That’s manipulation.

7 out of 10 stars.

I loved the ending.  As far as I’m concerned, a great ending is where everyone gets what they deserve.

Reviewed by Betsy.


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