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Beware the Slenderman 2016 film

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Beware the Slenderman is a 2016 HBO documentary on the attempted murder of a 12 year old girl by two other 12 year old girls in Wisconsin.

4 out of 10 stars.  On the plus side, the filmmakers included actual video footage of the trial and interviews.  On the negative side, they failed to mention that the Slenderman is a pedophile grooming tool to get children to submit to strangers.  That’s a big thing to miss.

On May 31, 2014 in Waukesha, Wisconsin, three 12 year old girls take a walk in the woods near Morgan Geyser’s home after waking from a sleepover.  Morgan’s mother saw nothing amiss.  Payton Leutner thought they were celebrating her birthday.  But Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser had other plans.  Anissa had become enamored with a creepy character on Creepypasta’s Wiki site named Slenderman.  From the quotes in the documentary it appears that Slenderman kills and eats children.  Over the previous few weeks, Anissa had made plans then changed them several times, all with the intent of murdering Peyton Leutner who was a childhood friend of Morgan’s.  Anissa and Morgan took Payton into the woods, which was called David’s Park, and went to the bathroom.  They locked the door and pushed Payton onto the floor then Anissa banged her head repeatedly into the concrete until Payton stopped fighting.  Then Morgan handed Anissa a kitchen knife and Anissa stabbed her.  She apparently became disoriented from Payton screaming and stopped.  So Morgan sat on Payton’s legs and stabbed her more times.  Payton was stabbed 19 times.  Anissa and Morgan left Payton there, claiming they were going for help, but they walked almost 5 miles to a small store.  Meanwhile Payton crawled to the freeway and was rescued by a passing cyclist who called 9-1-1.

So let’s talk about innocence versus guilt.  MORGAN.  Morgan claims she never intended on killing Payton.  She’s the one who brought the knife from her house.  Anissa didn’t even know where the knives were kept in Morgan’s house.  And after Anissa knocked Payton out on the floor of the park bathroom, Morgan prodded her into continuing as she had promised.  Then Morgan stabbed Payton too.  The police found several dolls with parts of their anatomy cut off in Morgan’s bedroom.  ANISSA.  Anissa claims she was afraid for her family and her own life from Slenderman, but later laughs and says he’s fictional and implies she wanted to be famous.  Morgan knew nothing of Slenderman.  Anissa was constantly on the Slenderman site and introduced Morgan to the fear that Slenderman was going to kill her.  CREEPYPASTA.  The Creepypasta website owners who created Slenderman claim he’s a collaborative art project, but according to Anissa they gave explicit directions on the easiest ways to kill a person, which was why she looked for a place with a drain and a lock in a secluded location.  It’s also why she knocked Payton’s head against the concrete floor to knock her out first because Creepypasta’s Slenderman website said it was easier to kill a person when they’re sleeping or unconscious.  Do any of these statements sound like innocence?

According to Creepypasta’s website, Slenderman was created in a post by a man named Victor Surge (aka Eric Knudsen).  (Eric Knudsen).  All website owners should act responsibly when it comes to posting content that will harm children.  The Slenderman character and all the fictional derivations made of him act in the same manner as a pedophile grooming young children.  1.  He’s creepy looking and an adult.  2.  He gives you orders and you must follow the moment he tells you that he is Slenderman.  3.  If you don’t, you die a horrible death.  4.  He only targets children.  5.  He claims to be responsible for all your nightmares, giving him all the power.  This is the same grooming technique used by pedophiles.  Creepypasta is responsible for that.

Throughout the interviews and trial, both Anissa and Morgan were completely apathetic.  They showed no remorse and Anissa was repeatedly caught laughing.  Although there has been a great deal of backlash that they were tried as adults, I have to believe that the judge looked at these videos and was terrified by what he saw–two murderous girls who had planned this event and carried it out methodically.  That’s something an adult does.

4 out of 10 stars.  This is worth watching, but view Slenderman with a critical eye.  There are several pedophile networks in this country that buy and sell children, including videos they submit themselves from acts such as this.  According to the girls, they were acting for Slenderman so he wouldn’t kill them.  They were constantly on chat rooms and on the Creepypasta forums.



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