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Berlin Station (2016 series)

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Berlin Station is a 2016 spy series with three seasons.

2/10 stars.  Season 1 is confusing and almost unwatchable.  Watch episodes 9 and 10 and decide if you want to invest the 10 hours.  Season 2 was unwatchable.  I couldn’t make it past the first episode.

Season 1

Berlin Station is a U.S. CIA station in Berlin.  In season 1, the leader of Germany’s CIA, a guy named Hans, blackmails a CIA officer named Hector to leak classified information to the press under the alias Thomas Shaw.  This includes outing CIA officers and their assets with the intent of shutting down the CIA’s operations in Germany.  By the end of season 1, Hector has eliminated or caused the death of countless people.  When the guy sent in to catch him, Daniel Miller, figures out it’s his friend, he forgives him.  :0  Not a good plot line or ending to ten hours.

CIA Headquarters, in an effort to catch and out Thomas Shaw, comes up with a plan to elevate a husband wife’s sex trafficking network to the status of dangerous terrorists, but the cover story is so good the Counterterrorism Unit believes it and kidnaps the husband in the middle of a crucial op.  It results in a shootout in a mall and the death of a boy.  When the head of Counterterrorism finds out it was a con job, an “eyewash”, he starts framing and killing people in Berlin Station.

These two plots intertwine to make the season very confusing and when the ending comes, it’s completely unsatisfying.

Season 2

In season 2, a new head of Berlin Station takes over, a woman, and she’s pretty good.  The place is a mess and has no assets.  They’re doing recovery and damage control.  In the middle of this they begin an op to take down a racist skinhead group trying to take over the voting results and force the win of a racist politician.  So already it’s pretty convoluted.

2/10 stars.  This series is supposedly written by an American, but he made obvious mistakes in the writing that any fact checker would have caught.  The mistakes start out small but get bigger and bigger until it’s painful to watch.  Imagine a writer who portrays George Washington as an old Asian woman who scrubs floors for a living.  So much is just wrong.  Anyone who was born in the U.S. would know this. 



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