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Behind Her Eyes 2021 series

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Behind Her Eyes is a 2021 Netflix series that’s actually pretty darned good.

10 out of 10 stars.  You will not see this ending coming.  I guarantee you.

SPOILERS AHEAD.  This review will give away the entire six-hour plot.  If you trust our opinion, watch it now before you read our review.

This has a nonlinear plot, but we’ll review it by timeline.

Fifteen years ago, Adele Campbell’s parents were killed in a fire.  Adele’s boyfriend and neighbor, David Ferguson, saw the fire and rescued Adele, burning his arm in the process.  She was 17.  As a result, she was sent for a month to a sanitarium.  There she met Rob Hoyle, a drug addict with a really crappy life.  They become fast friends because they share night terrors and sleepwalking.  Adele has had these since childhood and has learned the skill of astral projection.  She goes into a deep sleep and leaves her body, traveling further and further from home.  The night her parents died in the fire, she was miles away and not in her body, so she didn’t know the house was on fire.  Adele eventually teaches Rob how to do this and that was her first mistake.

After they are released, Adele invites Rob to live with her and David in her family’s mansion.  (She’s rich.)  Rob loves her life and he also loves David (he’s homosexual).  That’s her second mistake.  One night when David is away, Rob convinces Adele to astral project into each other’s bodies.  She agrees to try it because they are best friends, but once Rob is in her body, he injects her with heroine and dumps her body in the old well in the woods.  So now Adele is actually Rob in Adele’s body.  Adele is dead in Rob’s body at the bottom of an old well.

When David comes home, Adele (who is actually Rob) tells him that Rob overdosed on heroine and she panicked and dumped his body in the well, but she was wearing his watch and that fell in the well too.  So if anyone finds the body they’ll think it was him who dumped Rob there.  Considering the police are already suspicious about David conveniently being nearby when her parents died, he can’t afford to involve the police.

They go on with their lives, but nothing is ever the same again.  David has no idea why she’s so different or how she can know the things she knows about him.  (She astral projects outside of her body and follows him.)  After thirteen years, he ends up in a practice in Brighton where he meets a kind cafe owner named Marianne.  She tells him to leave his wife.  And he considers it.  But then Adele shows up at her house and breaks inside, taking a knife and cutting up all of her clothes and writing SLUT on her bedroom wall in blood.  For three terrifying minutes, Marianne assumes Adele killer her cat Charlie.  But Charlie’s alive.  Ten minutes later, the doorbell rings and Adele hands her back her knife and warns her to stay away from her husband.

So David and Adele move to London.  The night before David is to start his new job at Dr. Sharma’s psychiatric practice, he meets a beautiful young black woman in a bar who makes him laugh.  Her name is Louise.  And two days later he finds out she’s his secretary at Dr. Sharma’s.

Louise’s husband left her for a woman he worked with.  They were having an affair.  So she knows what it feels like to have your husband cheat on you.  But that doesn’t stop her from starting an affair with David.  Then she bumps into Adele outside Adam’s school and they become friends and gym buddies.  During their time together, Louise tells Adele about her night terrors and sleepwalking.  So Adele gives her Rob’s journal to learn how to astral project.  And the first time Louise does it, she’s absolutely terrified.

Adele has been watching everything David does, so she’s known from the beginning that he met Louise in a bar and wanted to sleep with her.  She intentionally bumped into her and started a friendship with her.  And she slowly feeds Louise just enough information to direct her where she wants her to go.  She gets David to fire Louise then she gets Louise to betray David by sending a letter to the policeman who investigated the fire telling him David killed Rob.  When Louise finally figures out that Adele has orchestrated all of this, she goes to David.  He tells her what happened to Rob (from his viewpoint, not the real story that only Adele knows) and tells Adele he wants a divorce then he goes to the police to tell them about Rob’s body at the bottom of the well.

Meanwhile, Adele sets up Louise to think she’s committing suicide.  Louise rushes to her house and since she can’t get inside, she astral projects her consciousness inside to wake Adele.  Once she is outside of her body, Adele takes over Louise’s body.  Now Louise’s consciousness has nowhere to go but Adele’s body which is paralyzed with an overdose of heroine.  Louise, who is now Rob in Louise’s body, pulls Adele’s body out into the street to make it appear she tried saving her when really she killed her.

David marries Louise and Adam is the only one who seems to know that this woman is not his mother.

10 out of 10 stars.  I watch a lot of film and read a lot of fiction.  I never saw this ending coming.


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