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BBC Reviews Removed

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Over the past two weeks, BBC has published a series of videos and “news” articles regarding the storming of the Capitol by American terrorists and how Donald Trump incited those terrorists.  It certainly appears from the tone of these articles and the misinformation included in them, that the BBC is trying to protect Trump.  These articles were not accurate and were something we’d expect from a tabloid magazine not a respected news channel.  By unanimous vote of all the reviewers here, we have chosen to remove ALL BBC REVIEWS effective immediately.  We can’t support a right wing racist rag that promotes terrorism.  BBC has followed in the footsteps of the History Channel (which now plays revisionist history dramatizations) and National Geographic (which has become one of the climate change denier tabloids).  The names of these stations and magazines were once well-respected, but that time has ended.  As long as BBC promotes disinformation and calls it news we will not review anything published or promoted by the BBC.  Unfortunately that includes some of our favorite David Attenborough documentaries.  Sorry, David.

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