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Awake (2007 film)

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Awake is a 2007 film about anesthesia awareness.

5 out of 10 stars.  Hayden Christianson and Jessica Alba will certainly not win any awards for their acting, but Lena Olin has and will continue to do so.  She made this believable.

Clay Beresford is a billionaire in Canada with a heart condition.  He falls in love with is mother’s secretary, Sam, and secretly marries her when a heart becomes available for transplant.  What Clay doesn’t know is that his wife, his heart surgeon, and his heart surgeon’s small staff, are all in on Sam’s plan to murder him during surgery.  And Clay finds out when he’s administered anesthesia and is completely aware during heart surgery that they are killing him.  After they’ve killed him, Sam comes into the room and tells them his mother is suspicious.  Imagine lying there with your chest open and your heart removed, with someone else’s heart inside of you not working, but you’re on bypass, hooked up to machines keeping you alive, and you hear that.  :0

The acting during this scene is pretty awful.  Hayden’s screaming because he’s in pain and paralyzed.  But according to what I’ve read, anesthesia awareness is painless, just traumatic.  So that’s misleading.  It was also incredibly odd that there were only four medical staff on the transplant team.  In the U.S. there’d be at least eight people and probably twelve.

When Clay dies, or technically rejects the heart, his mother calls the most famous heart surgeon in Canada and he comes to investigate, discovering that heart was injected with something to make Clay reject it.  So she does what a good mother does–she kills herself and gives him her heart.  Clay lives and Sam and her co-conspirators are arrested for murder.  I’m not sure he could have survived that long on bypass.

5 out of 10 stars.  This was a lot less terrifying than if they’d had a bigger budget, better actors, quality camera work, better music, and a better script.  This one was full of plot holes and not fact checked at all.


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