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Art Quilt Maps

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Art Quilt Maps by Valerie S Goodwin is a book about mixed media quilts made by stitching, painting, and fusing fabrics onto a background.

4 out of 10 stars.  This is a very thin book and the last half of the book is the artists’ exhibits and her students’ exhibits which means there are precious few pages of actual instruction.  Among those pages each technique was described with one photo and maybe a couple of sentences.


All of the projects in this book were the same architectural type quilts.  They’re not particularly visually appealing.  If you look at the cover of the book, all of the projects look like this.  I was hoping for more variety.


Many of the techniques were painting onto fabric.  Another technique was fusing of one type of fabric onto another.  The only stitching used to apply one layer of fabric to another was the blanket stitch.  That’s been around for a few centuries now.  🙁

4 out of 10 stars.  Disappointing.  I gave it four stars because the author obviously has done some interesting things.  She just wasn’t very good at describing how to do them or how to use those techniques to do something different.



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