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Art of Stone Painting by F Sehnaz Bac

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The Art of Stone Painting by F Sehnaz Bac is a short book on how to paint rocks.

2/10 stars.  This is a short book with few examples.  The instructions are very basic and repetitive with no variations.  Disappointing.

No templates.  Most crafting books have templates that you can print and copy onto your craft.  This one does not.  You would have to draw everything yourself freehand.  If you’re a gifted artist, easy.  If you’re not a gifted artist, it’s not so easy.

Few intermediate steps.  There are approximately six layers in each of these examples.  They aren’t shown though so you will have to guess the steps.

No variety.  The projects include 7 plants, 9 animals (mostly birds and fish), 2 bugs, 3 shapes, 4 mandalas, and 3 patterns.

Only 2 furry animals.  One cat.  One rabbit.

Repetitive instructions.  Some are shown in 4 steps.  1.  Bare rock.  2.  Rock with first layer paint + drawing.  3.  Almost finished.  4.  Finishing black paint outlines.  These steps are repeated over and over again.

Lots of mandalas, plants, and birds.  I’m not a fan of mandalas, plants, or birds.  I was looking for more variety with variations of how to pain to rocks, not the same designs over and over again.

Here’s a list of the projects:

  1. Trees
  2. Leaves
  3. Flowers
  4. Plants
  5. Seashells
  6. Fish
  7. Feathers
  8. Cacti
  9. Frog on a Lily Pad
  10. Hearts
  11. Mandalas
  12. Geometric Patterns
  13. Birds
  14. Butterflies
  15. Owls
  16. Mandalas
  17. Flowers
  18. Cacti
  19. Owls
  20. Mandalas
  21. Butterflies
  22. Geometric Patterns
  23. Cat, Rabbit, and Santa (which don’t go together at all)
  24. Birds
  25. Elephants
  26. Owls
  27. Mandalas

2/10 stars.  A disappointing craft book.


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