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Amanda Knox

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Amanda Knox is a 2016 documentary produced by Netflix.

10 out of 10 stars. After all the misinformation from the media, it’s about time someone actually put out the truth.

Take a young pretty American girl, throw her into a small European racist town, give her a self-centered narcissistic British roommate and you have the setting for a disaster. How could an innocent girl be railroaded into being convicted of a murder she couldn’t have committed? The answer is corrupt police officers, judges, and reporters who made money from the tabloid coverage. Did any of them pay for those mistakes? Nope.

Dismiss any notions you have that Amanda Knox killed Meredith Kercher. She didn’t. She wasn’t even home at the time and had an alibi. Meredith Kercher was the victim of a career criminal who chose her because of her dark skin (she was Pakistani British and half black). The only reason Amanda Knox was arrested was because she was American. The police and prosecutor had no evidence against her and she was eventually vindicated by the Italian appeals court which called the case against Amanda “terribly wrong”. The prosecutor and police planted evidence more than seven months after the crime. The Italian town of Perugia where the murder occurred is openly hateful of the United States and all US citizens. The cop in charge of the case, Giuliano Mignini, made public statements that were derogatory and racist toward all Americans. That he repeatedly called Meredith Kercher “white” when she was in fact black, was something of a contradiction. Had the papers and tabloids actually reported Kercher’s real skin color there never would have even been an investigation. That should give you an indication of this twisted little town’s history. :0

The strength behind this documentary lies in the words coming directly from the people who said them and the video footage. This case could not possibly have been botched more than it was. Intentionally botched by the investigating team of Giuliano Mignini in order to frame Amanda Knox and Rafaele Sollecito with murder. Amanda spent four years of her life in Capanne Prison for no reason other than Mignini, the citizens of Perugia, and the Kercher family hate Americans. That comes across so clearly it is heartwrenching. Nothing bad is ever said about Meredith Kercher and yet if the faked DNA evidence created by Mignini was actually real (it was proven fake) then Meredith would’ve had seven sex partners in the week she was murdered, the same number Amanda had her entire life and was branded a whore for. :0 That the Kercher family hounded the Perugian police to go after Amanda and Rafaele was truly sad.

The documentary begins with video footage of the crime scene and Meredith’s body. Then Giuliano Mignini states for the camera that he knew right away Amanda had murdered Meredith because a man would never cover the body. He further states that nothing was stolen therefore there was no break-in and the broken window was staged by someone who lived in the house. :0 Although video footage shows a rock covered in glass, used to break Meredith’s window, and broken glass inside and outside the house, he claims it was not evidence. When Mignini brought Amanda to the house where they laid out a set of large kitchen knives, she burst into tears, what Mignini called “hysterics”. He claims this means she was reliving the crime and picturing the murder in her head, convincing him of her guilt. :0 Mignini had no forensics experience, no profiling experience, and made things up as he went along, ignoring evidence that a career criminal living in Perugia had murdered Kercher.

Three days later, Mignini has Amanda’s and Rafaele’s phones tapped. They were not in the house the night Meredith was murdered and since her door was locked the following day, contacted the police. They were together at Rafaele’s house and provided each other a rock solid alibi. So Mignini became convinced they must’ve done it together. Mignini brings them in for questioning and during questioning of Rafaele tells him that Amanda is a slut, a whore, a cow and that she doesn’t love him. Then Mignini questions Amanda and tells her that Rafaele told them she’d murdered Meredith and was not with him, that she had told him to lie for her. He never said this, but the cops produced a written document supposedly signed by him. They produced a text message on her cell phone to her boss Patrik telling him she’d see him tomorrow. The literal translation of this colloquial saying is “see you tonight”. They told her she conspired with Patrick to kill Meredith. Mignini and other cops in the room repeatedly hit her in the head until she signed a document claiming she and Patrick were at the house the night Meredith died. :0

The media, mostly British reporters, descended on Perogia and immediately began reporting Amanda Knox as a murderess. It sold papers. British reporter Nick Pisa says to the camera that reporters are only responsible for reporting what they hear, not verifying it. :0 So they kept reporting everything that Mignini fed to the media about Amanda and Rafaele being evil, sex-obsessed murderers when they were actually at Rafael’s apartment the night Meredith was murdered. Mignini had prison officials tell Amanda that she had tested positive for HIV and was coming down with AIDS which prompted Amanda to write about this in her journal, which included a mental checklist of who she’d slept with in her entire life (7 partners) and whether they could’ve infected her. Nick Pisa and other journalists got photocopies of Amanda’s journal and printed it in the papers, calling Amanda an American whore. When it is revealed that Amanda never tested positive for HIV, the reporters refuse to print it. In Nick Pisa’s words, “it wouldn’t sell”.

Three weeks after his arrest, Patrik’s alibi is finally verified and he is released. It is suggested that Mignini narrowed in on Patrik because he was black and owned his own business in the racist city of Perogia. Mignini then focuses all of his attention on Amanda, calling her rebellious against authority and an anarchist because she cried when interrogated. :0 Nothing like a lot of leaps of Mignini’s imagination to make a farce of the judicial system.

Three weeks after the murder, Mignini still has no murder weapon so he goes to Rafael’s house and finds a weapon that looks the right size and has it “tested” for DNA. It is mingled with all of the other evidence including trace evidence from the cops’ shoes and comes back with all kinds of trace DNA on it. Mignini claims this has Meredith’s DNA on the blade and Amanda’s DNA on the handle. The appellate court later finds that neither were present. It was not even the murder weapon. :0

Now that Mignini had fabricated DNA evidence implicating Amanda he needed to implicate Rafaele, so he went back to the house four weeks after the murder and “found” a bra clasp of Meredith’s with the DNA of seven men, including Rafaele. Some of the earlier DNA evidence results finally come back and a local black thief, Rudy Guede, has DNA all over the house although neighbors state that he was not a friend of either Amanda or Meredith. They bring him in and he immediately says he was with Meredith the night she died and Amanda was not there, neither was Rafaele. He claims he had sex with Meredith when a man came into the house and attacked Meredith, leaving her to bleed all over Rudy and that he got scared and left. He tells the police Amanda had absolutely nothing to do with it. She wasn’t even there. So Mignini separates Rudy’s case from the case against Amanda and Rafaele so no one will hear Rudy’s statement. :0 Let me repeat, Rudy Guede confessed to being there when Meredith was murdered and said right from the beginning that Amanda and Rafaele were not there. Mignini ignored this evidence and hid it.

Rudy’s trial is fast-tracked in fear that reporters will discover his guilt and confession before Amanda’s trial. He is found guilty and sentenced to 30 years. On appeal this is changed to 16 years. At this point Nick Pisa laughs to the camera and says how they (reporters like him) painted Amanda as a whore and Meredith as a virgin, when neither was true, but it sold papers and made them famous. :0 Thankfully he was fired by the newspaper he worked for.

Amanda and Rafaele go to trial with Mignini’s fabricated DNA evidence. Both are found guilty. Amanda is sentenced to 26 years; Rafaele is sentenced to 25 years. Mignini orders Amanda escorted to him before exiting the court room. He touches her on the chest, the arm, the neck, the chin, and the cheek, caressing her skin, then he whispers something to her that makes her cringe. She is then escorted from the courtroom. THIS IS ALL ON FILM. Rafaele spends the next six months in solitary confinement because he refuses to say anything against Amanda.

Three years later, their appeal begins. An outside panel is allowed to examine the DNA evidence against Amanda and Rafaele. They found that the crime scene was never preserved and was chaotic. None of Mignini’s people followed crime scene protocols. They walked all over the crime scene in street shoes, contaminating everything, and weeks later came back to “discover new evidence” that was fake. NONE of the DNA evidence was valid. Chief among the evidence that Mignini “found” 46 days after the murder was the bra clasp and the knife that was not even the murder weapon. They found multiple males’ DNA on Meredith’s bra clasp. Furthermore, they found the lab Mignini used to process the evidence was contaminated and cross-contaminated evidence from other scenes and other crimes with the evidence from this one. :0

At this point, Rudy’s attorney who is helping Mignini frame Amanda and Rafaele laughs at the camera and says that in the 1300s Italy had lawyers while Americans were caveman drawing buffalo on caves. :0

During the initial trial, Mignini brought in cops to “reenact” his version of what happened. He claimed Amanda coerced Rafaele and Rudy into raping Meredith and then she killed her. It sounds ridiculous because it is. Amanda didn’t even know Rudy and had only met Rafaele the week before. They were always together at Rafaele’s place, hardly ever at Amanda’s.

Four years after the murder, the appeal ends and both Amanda and Rafaele are found completely innocent. The racist little town of Perugia riots and calls for death to the American. :0 Arline Kercher calls for Amanda to be convicted. Her family publicly denounce Amanda and Rafaele as murderers, fanning the media frenzy. Amanda goes home to Seattle and Rafaele moves to another town in Italy. Just as they are trying to put their lives back together, six years after the murder, another Italian court charges them with murder at the insistence of the Kercher family and Giuliano Mignini. :0 Within weeks, the appellate court denounces the charges, finds both Amanda and Rafaele completely innocent and on September of 2015 releases a report of the “stunning flaws” in Mignini’s investigation of the murder, fueled by “increased media attention” that was making Mignini famous. They cite “a complete lack of biological traces” connecting Amanda or Rafaele to the crime. Evidence still points to Rudy’s guilt and his alone.

Arlene Kercher is not happy and tries to drum up public outcry against Amanda and Rafaele. She fails. And Nick Pisa admits that he reported a lot of false evidence without checking it because he had to be the first to print. Perhaps that’s why they fired him.

After the trial, Mignini was promoted. So if you go to Italy and a crime occurs in the city you’re staying in, you can end up in prison for four years fighting for your life, spending your family’s middle income savings, and praying to stay allive.

10 out of 10 stars. Following Amanda Knox’s farce of a trial and conviction, Americans boycotted Italian goods for five years. Yep, we’re Americans and we stand by each other.

Arline Kercher, Meredith Kercher’s mother, was hidden from the media because of her black skin and the racist community of Perugia, Italy. She repeatedly called Amanda Knox a whore and publicly stated that Knox had seven sex partners her entire life when Giuliani Mignini presented DNA evidence at trial that showed Meredith Kercher had more than 7 sex partners the week she was murdered. :0

Nick Pisa was fired from the Daily Mail for lying in his coverage about Amanda Knox, falsifying evidence, publishing false information, and for publicly branding Amanda Knox as a whore when she was nothing of the sort. Let’s pray he never works again.


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