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Allen v. Farrow 2021 series

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Allen v. Farrow is a 2021 documentary series by HBO on the child rape case against infamous pedophile Woody Allen.

10 out of 10 stars.  This is a beautifully crafted, thoroughly researched documentary on the rape of 7 year old Dylan Farrow by Woody Allen when he was 56.  There is so much evidence.  He should have been prosecuted rather than protected by the Jewish community of New York City and Hollywood.

Mia Farrow was a single mother with seven children when she met Woody Allen.  They began dating and she fell in love.  To all who knew them, they seemed like the perfect couple, even though they lived apart and Woody had zero interest in any of her children.  Then Mia adopted Dylan Farrow, a little blonde haired girl.  Suddenly Woody was devoted to Dylan, obsessed with her, and began paying special attention to her in a sexual way.  He began sexually molesting her around age 3 and raped her anally and vaginally when she was 7 years old.

There are numerous witnesses to Woody Allen’s sexual advances toward Dylan.

  1. He openly fondled her in front of family and friends when he applied sunscreen during the summer she was three.
  2. He was caught sleeping in bed with her wearing only his underwear when she was four.  He was caught with his face in her crotch and her not wearing underpants when she was five.
  3. By the time she was six she was running and hiding from him whenever he came to visit even locking herself in the bathroom and crying to escape him.
  4. He taught Dylan to suck his thumb and “directed” her how to wrap her tongue around it and pull, grooming her for oral sex.
  5. Then one fateful summer afternoon he showed up to see the kids and took her into the attic where he raped her anally and vaginally as he pinned her stomach down to the attic floor and told her to play with her brother’s train set.  For twenty minutes six people and nine children frantically looked for Dylan and couldn’t find her.  Then she came down from the attic without underwear and holding her vagina in pain.  She told Mia what happened to her and so Mia video recorded what Dylan said then took her to the local pediatrician.  That pediatrician recorded that she had been raped and that it was most likely Woody Allen who raped her because she said “Daddy touched me”.  He reported this rape to the police which started two investigations, one in Connecticut where the Farrows lived and one in New York City where Woody Allen lives.

Frank Maco was the detective put in charge of the Connecticut case.  He actually did a pretty thorough job until he made a mistake that would fatefully damage the case and ruin Dylan’s life.  He hired the Yale New Haven Sexual Abuse Clinic, led by Dr. John Leventhal, to interview Dylan and write an evaluation to give to him, hoping this would beef up his evidence against Woody Allen because Woody was backed by powerful friends in New York City and Hollywood.  Leventhal was a friend of Allen’s and doctored the report, calling Dylan a liar and stating Mia coached her.  This wasn’t what his two evaluators had said, but he destroyed all of the notes so that there would be nothing to refute his report.  Then he called Allen and had him appear with his PR team on the steps of the clinic as Allen gave a press conference revealing the results of the report.  Suddenly Allen looked like the victim.  This is how the rich stay out of prison.

What I loved about this documentary was that every lie that Woody Allen has told is easily refuted with statements either by Allen or others in the investigative reports.  So there’s never any doubt who’s lying (Woody Allen) and who’s telling the truth (Dylan Farrow).

Woody Allen has a close relationship to Princeton University.  He regularly donates boxes of his unused scripts and notes to the university for the drama students.  What they found when digging through these scripts was a consistent pedophilic storyline in which a 50+ year old man has sex with a sexually provocative 16 year old blonde high school girl.  Needless to say his scripts and notes were ignored and not used.

The New York City investigation was handed over to Paul Williams, a caseworker who had worked on more than 800 sexual abuse cases.  He interviewed Dylan and found her very credible.  He proceeded to advise they bring a criminal prosecution against Woody Allen.  He was immediately fired.  Woody Allen has very powerful friends in the New York City government who made sure there was never a criminal prosecution.  Paul Williams took the city to court and won.  He was reinstated and given back pay, but the court had no jurisdiction to force the city to bring criminal prosecution against Woody Allen.

What Mia didn’t know was that Woody had also been grooming another daughter, Soon-Yi, at the same time he was grooming Dylan.  Fortunately, Dylan was strong enough to tell her mother.  Soon-Yi didn’t.  Mia eventually found sexually suggestive naked Polaroids of Soon-Yi at Woody’s home that he had taken.  He immediately apologized to Mia and told her that it was Soon-Yi’s fault, that she’d been approaching him sexually and he’d caved in, but that she meant nothing to him.  In fact, to friends and family Woody Allen showed zero interest in Soon-Yi.  But when the Connecticut criminal investigation began, he immediately went public claiming he was in love with Soon-Yi and that Mia was making up allegations of abuse in a fit of jealousy.

For the next twenty years, Woody Allen would spend most of his millions on a PR machine and teams of private investigators to terrorize Mia, Dylan, and their family, even as other women came forward and said he had forced them into sexual relationships when they were teenagers.  Fortunately, the thorough investigation by the Connecticut police had statements that refuted all of this.  Even when Woody weaponized two of Mia’s children against her (Soon-Yi and Moses), they had statements from both of them proving they were lying for Woody.

After 2017 and the Me Too movement, actresses came forward apologizing for acting in Woody Allen films.  In fact so many actresses refuse to work with Woody Allen now that he is forced to make and release his films in Europe.  🙂

10 out of 10 stars.  This could have been shorter than four hours, but it’s very thorough and told in a straightforward manner.  There is so much evidence.  We believe you, Dylan.


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