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Alibi 2003 series

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Alibi is a 2003 British series.

10/10 stars. This was hilarious and extremely entertaining.

Greg Brentwood holds a huge party for his wife Linda in honor of their 19th wedding anniversary. Among the guests are his business partner, Martin Shaps. The Brentwoods’ business is not doing well and they are about to lose their house, so rather than being happy about the party, Linda is furious, especially when he gives her a 6,000 pound necklace.

Marcy Burgess is one of the waitresses at the party, paid by the catering service. She’s a benefits clerk (unemployment clerk) but that doesn’t pay enough so she moonlights as a server for the catering service. She forgets her purse and has to go back for it. So the caterers drop her off and she walks back to the house. No one answers and a door is open so she goes inside to rerieve her purse. And she happens upon a crime scene. Martin is dead on the floor and Greg is standing over him.

Over the course of the next hour, Greg convinces Marcy it was an accident. Martin was rude, Greg swung at him, missed, and Martin stepped back to avoid the blow, and fell, hitting his head on something sharp. Greg tried CPR but couldn’t revive Martin. Marcy believes him. She watched the guests at the party and how generous Greg was with his friends, his wife, and even the catering staff. He’s a really nice guy.

At first the two try to come up with a quick story about what happened so she can be his alibi. But that takes several hours and then it no longer seems plausible because why didn’t they call the cops right away if it was an accident? Onto plan B, making it look like Martin was in a car accident on the way home.

Greg takes Martin’s car up a hill and puts Martin behind the wheel then he pushes the car off a cliff. It explodes and catches fire. And there begins there cover story. But as most crime coverups go, you just can’t account for everything. Mistakes happen. And that’s where the fun comes in as this is pretty hilarious.

Along the way, Greg discovers that Linda and Martin were having an affair for over a year. Marcy confirms this when she tells him she saw the way Martin was touching Linda at the party. Greg is devastated and barely able to function. Then he discovers that Martin had embezzled 120,000 pounds in a bank account in both his and Linda’s names. They were going to run off together with Greg’s money. It turns out the business was very profitable, but Martin and Linda were robbing him.

Also along the way, Greg and Marcy begin to have feelings for each other, even though is a generation older than her. And it’s a very sweet relationship the two have. They genuinely care about each other.

10/10 stars. Loved this series. I hope they make more seasons.

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