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A Quiet Place Part II (2021 film)

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A Quiet Place Part II is a 2021 science fiction film and sequel to A Quiet Place from 2018.

8 out of 10 stars.  Much better than the first one.

The film begins with day 1 of the alien invasion.  Everyone is at a kids’ baseball game including the Abbots and their friend Emmett.  Emmett has a wife and two sons.  As Lee is going into the local grocery for apples and bottled water, he hears the store owner talking to a customer about a sound heard earlier than sounded like a bomb.  Then he continues to the ball game where Marcus is playing.  Evelyn, Regan, and Beau are watching.

A few minutes later, there’s gray smoke in the sky as something plummets toward earth.  Alien ships.  But no one knows that until people start getting their kids and going to their vehicles.  Then aliens arrive in town and start killing everyone.

Fast forward to day 474, right after the end of A Quiet Place.  Lee is dead and their home is on fire, so Evelyn saves what supplies she can and takes the kids toward town, the only other fire signal still out there.  That leads them to a concrete building at the edge of town, but once they reach the edge of town, there are booby traps everywhere and they hit every one.  The first is a noise trap and Evelyn, Marcus, and Regan must run while carrying the baby and the supplies.  Marcus steps on a bear trap and goes down screaming.  While Evelyn tries quieting him, an alien comes.  Regan sets up the amplifier and disables the alien with the sound of her hearing aid.  Evelyn takes out the shotgun and kills it.

They gather Marcus and run into the building then a masked man grabs them and leads them into a tunnel then into a bunker.  Parts of the building are soundproofed more than others.  The bunker is completely soundproof but automatically locks.  You have to put the clock over the lock before pulling the door shut or be locked inside.  (That comes into play later, as you can imagine.)  The bunker also has only about 20 minutes of air.

Inside the bunker, they learn the masked man is Emmett.  His wife and sons are dead.  He saw them disable the alien with the amplifier and he asks how it works.  Since Lee made the hearing aid, they don’t really know how, just that it does.

As Marcus recovers from his leg injury, Regan puts headphones on his ears and turns the radio stations so he has something to listen to, even if it’s just static.  Then he hears music, a song playing “Beyond the Sea”.  It’s the only song that plays on that station, over and over again.  Emmett says it’s been doing that the four months he’s been there.

That night, Regan figures out that the song is a message, to journey beyond the sea.  She locates the radio station and it’s on an island off the coast.  So she tells Marcus she’s going there and having them use her hearing aid to project the sound over the radio.  Marcus threatens to tell their mom, but then falls asleep.  When he wakes, Regan is gone, so Evelyn begs Emmett to find her.

Regan can’t hear the aliens or the sound she makes as she’s moving through debris.  So it’s not long before an alien is attacking her and she can’t hold the amplifier and the shotgun at the same time.  Emmett gets there just in time to save her and together they head for the coast.

Evelyn now finds herself with two children in need of medical supplies–the baby’s oxygen tank is almost empty and Marcus needs antibiotics for his leg.  So she leaves Marcus with the baby and heads toward the pharmacy.

While she’s gone, Marcus starts looking around the building, snooping.  He hits a trap and makes noise.  An alien comes, so he grabs the baby and runs to the bunker, but he forgets to put the cloth in front of the lock and the door locks behind him.  They have only about 20 minutes of air.

Meanwhile, Emmet and Regan reach the coast and the pier with boats.  But they are hijacked by a group of evil humans who use kids as lures.  Emmett gets them free and Regan gets a boat.  They make it to the island.

The island is a colony of survivors with entire families.  Apparently when the aliens came, the national guard was deployed to get people to the island.  But the people rioted and the noise attracted the aliens, so only two boats made it.  As Emmett is walking around the island he sees a boat not moored at the dock.  It floated right to the island and got stuck in a lagoon.  And he realizes an alien was aboard.  As he warns the people, the alien attacks.  The colony leader gets in his car with Emmett and Regan and honks the horn, attracting the alien.  He drives to the radio station at the edge of the island.  As they reach it, the alien kills the colony leader.

Meanwhile, Evelyn gets the alien away from the bunker long enough to get inside with the medical supplies, including two oxygen tanks.  She, Marcus, and the baby are in the bunker, but not locked in and they have the two oxygen tanks.

Back on the island, Emmett uses himself as bait to get the alien away from Regan so she can transmit the hearing aid sound over the radio.  It immediately disables the aliens.  Then she kills the alien in the radio station as Marcus kills the alien outside the bunker.

The end.

8 out of 10 stars.  It was a long wait for the sequel, but I liked it better than the original.


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