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A Quiet Place (2018 film)

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A Quiet Place is a 2018 science fiction film.

7 out of 10 stars.  It’s hard for me to love this film because I read the original screenplay and loved it.  The film, therefore, was disappointing.

In a quiet northern New York town, a family quietly walks into town and goes to the local drug store looking for medicine.  They’re the Abbott family.  We don’t know why they’re being so quiet only that some apocalypse occurred 89 days earlier.  The youngest child, a four year old boy, finds a toy plane and plays with hit.  His father immediately takes it from him and removes the batteries so it will make no sound.  His older sister Regan, who was supposed to be watching him, gives him the plane back and ruffles his hair then follows her family back out.  And little Beau, seeing those batteries, puts them back in the plane and follows behind.  When they reach the bridge Beau’s plane finally makes noise and we see what the Abbott family fears–aliens who attack solely by sound.  And little Beau is immediately killed before his father can save him.

Fast forward to day 472.  Evelyn is pregnant and Lee is trying to make a hearing aid for their daughter Regan who is deaf.  Regan blames herself for Beau’s death and she thinks her dad blames her too, so she’s rebellious.  Marcus, who is a little younger than Regan, is learning math with his mom Evelyn.  Then it’s time to check their fishing traps and Lee (dad) takes Marcus with him.  Near the waterfalls is the only place they can speak, so Marcus tells Lee that Regan thinks he blames her for Beau.

Back at the farm, while Evelyn is doing laundry, Regan gathers her things and goes to Beau’s grave near the bridge with his toy plane, supposedly to kill herself by letting the plane attract the aliens.  But she doesn’t hear that the batteries are dead and there is no sound, so she falls asleep.

On the way back from the waterfalls, Lee and Marcus come across an old man whose wife was just killed by the aliens.  He screams and Lee must carry Marcus to safety before the aliens attack.

Back at the farm, Evelyn has taken the laundry up the basement stairs to hang outside, but the bag catches on a nail and pulls it up.  On the way back to the basement, Evelyn steps on it and the nail goes all the way into her foot, making her drop the picture frame in her hands.  The noise attracts the aliens then she goes into labor.  She makes it to the outside light switch and turns on the red lights that are strung all over the farm to warn her family to stay away.

When Lee and Marcus see the red lights from a distance, they know Evelyn is in labor.  Lee goes for his gun and sends Marcus to set off the fireworks.  The fireworks will keep the aliens inundated with sound so Lee can save Evelyn and the baby.  In the barn they’ve set up a soundproof compartment including a bassinet for the baby that is somewhat soundproof with an oxygen mask for the baby that’s connected to an oxygen tank.  Great setup…if you’re in the barn and not the house.

Regan wakes and it’s dark out then she sees the fireworks in the air and realizes her family needs her.  She runs to help Marcus.  After they’ve set off the fireworks they go to the top of the grain silo.  But the door falls in and they fall with it.  An alien hears the noise and comes after them.  They escape and make it to a truck outside.

Meanwhile, Evelyn gives birth to the baby inside the bathtub then hides in the shower.  Lee finds her and carries her and the baby to the barn soundproof room.  Then he goes to find Marcus and Regan.  What he doesn’t realize is that when he carried Evelyn to the barn, the aliens heard and tore the barn apart, including the water line, so the soundproof compartment is flooding with Evelyn and the baby in it.

Lee finds the kids, but so does the alien.  So to distract the alien, Lee yells and is killed.  Regan and Marcus watch from the safety of the truck, release the parking brake, and the truck rolls them home.

Evelyn wakes to a flooded compartment with an alien there with her and the baby.  She takes the baby and hides behind a leaking stream of water as the alien finally leaves.  Then she goes to the house and sees Lee die on the security cameras and the kids roll in the truck back to the house.

Evelyn, Marcus, Regan, and the baby are in the basement of the house when two aliens come.  Throughout the film, Regan has been reluctant to wear the newest hearing aid her father has made for her because they never work.  But the newest one has a side effect–it disables the aliens.  So she hooks it up to the amplifier in the basement and it disables the alien so her mom can shoot it.

The End.

7 out of 10 stars.  Loved the ending.  Wish Lee didn’t have to die and honestly it didn’t make a lot of sense.  Read the screenplay here.  Way better in my opinion.


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