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A Frosty Affair (Forty Below and Falling)

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A Frosty Affair is a 2015 previously released under the title Forty Below and Falling.

7 out of 10 stars.  It’s a cute little romantic comedy that has some awkward moments but is still pretty entertaining.

Kate is a teacher in an underprivileged area out in the wilderness of northern Canada.  She’s engaged to be married to a really boring guy back home, but in all the months she’s been teaching he’s never come to see her once.

Redford is a lonely guy on the rebound from a three year relationship in which he fell in love with a woman and her child who left him for her ex.  He’s on an I-hate-women campaign because they rip your heart out.

The two of them happen to be booked on the same small flight during a blizzard.  The runway is snowed in so the flight is cancelled and the two both have reasons to be to the destination on time.  For Kate, it’s her wedding in two days.  For Redford, it’s his mom’s birthday which he has never missed.

Kate has no survival skills.  Redford is all about survival.  So Redford sets out with supplies and a snowmobile through the woods to the destination.  Kate buys a snowmobile and follows him, almost getting herself killed repeatedly.  It’s Redford who keeps coming to rescue her, so eventually they team up and fall in love.

7 out of 10 stars.  Jewel Staite has a really bad hair dye in this film. Just try to ignore it.  Now free on Prime.

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