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6th Day (2000 film)

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The 6th Day is a 2000 science fiction film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

8 out of 10 stars. A very entertaining film about the dangers of cloning.

This film begins with the brutal death of a professional football star as his neck is crushed. While in the ambulance he is taken off life support and news reporters declare that his injuries are minimal, not nearly as severe as first reported.

Fast forward to the next day, Adam Gibson is getting ready for work when his daughter Clara mentions she’d like a SimPal, an animatronic doll. Adam goes to work with his business partner Hank. Adam and Hank run a helicopter business where they take tourists to remote ski slopes to ski. They’re preparing for the arrival of billionaire Michael Drucker when Adam’s wife Natalie calls him to tell him their dog Oliver was put to sleep for a dangerous canine virus. Hank tries talking Adam into having Oliver cloned at RePet. Adam doesn’t like the idea. Drucker’s prep team is very thorough. They give Adam and Hank blood and vision tests to make sure they’re healthy and have them sign a NDA (non-disclosure agreement) in case they overhear a private phone conversation. Hank takes Drucker out to a remote ski slope then Adam suddenly wakes up in a taxi on his way home. That right there was his clue that something life altering happened. Adam wasn’t even on the trip.

It happens to be Adam’s birthday. Maybe that’s why he ignores the missing six hours. Natalie is having a surprise party for him, but he knows about it. On the way home, he stops at RePet and doesn’t want to get Oliver cloned for fear that a cloned pet might hurt his daughter Clara. Instead, he gets a SimPal doll named Cindy. (She’s a very creepy looking doll.) At the mall are several protesters blocking the door of the RePet store, warning that cloning pets is just one step away from cloning humans.

After the RePet store, Adam stops at a bar waiting for Hank who never shows. (We don’t see this scene, but he talks about it later.) Then he gets in a taxi and goes home, leaving Hank a phone message. Here’s where Adam gets the shock of his life. There’s someone who looks like him in his house with his wife, his daughter, and his friends celebrating his birthday. And Oliver has been cloned and greets him outside. :0 In addition to that, there are suddenly four goons there trying to kill him. They explain to him there’s been a cloning violation, a human was cloned–him. They taser him and he wakes up being dragged from his backyard. But he gets away and they chase him with one of the goons in the car with him. She explains to him that he was accidentally cloned and the clone got home first so he has to be eliminated. She was hired to kill him. While the other goons are shooting at them, they inadvertently kill her. (She’s cloned and tries to kill him again later.)

What Adam didn’t realize was that on that trip with Drucker, a terrorist stowed away and killed everyone, including Hank. Drucker’s corporation can’t have that made public knowledge because he is, in fact, a clone. Cloned humans have no rights, not to mention stock price would plummet and it’s illegal to clone humans. The eye tests that Adam and Hank were given recorded their memories up to that point in time, so they could be “updated” with memories after a new body was cloned for them. The problem occurred when both Hank and Adam were cloned even though Adam was not on that trip. So now there are two Adams, Adam and his clone. Only his clone doesn’t know he’s a clone. :0

Elsewhere that same evening, Michael Drucker is attending a fundraising event for his company when Dr. Griffen Weir is grilled by reporters on cloning technology. Drucker comes to rescue him and Weir gets away to spend time with his wife Catherine. Meanwhile, Drucker has recloned Johnny Phoenix, the football player killed in the first few minutes of the film, and he hugs Drucker while reporters take pictures. Catherine gets sick so the Weirs leave. And Griffen discovers that Drucker has modified Catherine’s DNA when he cloned her. She now has cystic fibrosis. This is how Drucker keeps Weir in line and under his thumb. Catherine will die again and the only way for Griffen to get her back is to do what Drucker wants, clone more people.

Adam goes to the police and reports the clone and the thugs. They think he’s nuts. His clone has already filed a police report that his vintage car was stolen. And his thumbprint was verified. Suddenly Adam’s medical file shows that he is a psych patient and the police detain him.

And this is just the beginning of the film.

8 out of 10 stars. This is an older film but one of the most famous and memorable scenes comes near the end when Drucker has been shot and is dying. He prepares to be cloned only the equipment is all damaged and his clone is not fully formed. It looks hideous, like a monster, the perfect body for Drucker’s evil personality. But when Drucker sees it he freaks out. The perfect retribution for an evil man.

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