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500 Tangled Artworks by Beckah Krahula

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500 Tangled Artworks by Beckah Krahula is a book filled with artwork made from zentangles.

5 out of 10 stars.  I found several sketches that were very cute and I wouldn’t mind making and it gave me ideas of my own.

When I checked this out from the library, I was really looking for a how-to book with ideas and suggestions for multi-media projects.  This isn’t a how-to book and it isn’t a book for multi-media project ideas either.  It’s really just a book filled with some beautiful sketches done with zentangles.  Here were my favorites.

From these examples you can get a wide range of ideas on how to use zentangles, or tangles as they are called, to fill in various outlines or sketches of objects.  I’m partial to the animal ones, even the fish.  Some wordle forums have endless supplies of animal outlines, PNG files, they use in making wordles.  If you find one of those forums, snatch them all and go to town.

For anyone who is new to zentangles, it’s a hobby that’s also therapy.  You take a 3.5″ x 3.5″ square of quality drawing paper and draw four dots in the four corners in about one quarter inch from the edge.  Connect the dots and roughly make a square shape.  Then fill the interior with a repetitive pattern.  These repetitive patterns are called tangles.  The duo that created zentangle noticed their therapy patients who drew designs and patterns relaxed and lost much of their apprehension.  Tangling became therapeutic.  So they shared their find with the rest of the world.  I just wish they didn’t stamp a copyright on every single tangle from here to kingdom come.  But tangling is very relaxing and I find that my relatives really enjoy me drawing for them.  It’s an excellent hobby to do while you’re waiting at the doctor’s office, bus stop, or just spending an afternoon at home. 🙂

5 out of 10 stars.  It’s a nice enough book, but there were only a few zentangles I enjoyed and that gave me inspiration.  I would not buy a copy of this book for myself, but I am glad I checked it out from the library.


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