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1883 series (2021)

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1883 is a 2021 series on Paramount.

This is a 10 hour series premiering on Paramount and written by Taylor Sheridan.  It’s also a prequel to Sheridan’s series Yellowstone. 

2/10 stars.  Taylor Sheridan’s stories are hit or miss. This is a total miss.  A better name for it would have been “Elsa’s Horny Adventures Through Texas”.  It’s disgusting.  I didn’t expect this to be a tweener sex series, but that’s what it’s turned into after episode 3.

If you have never watched Yellowstone, it’s the story of the serial killing Dutton family in Montana.  They hire on cowhands who are released from the nearby penitentiary and when they quit, know too much, or become vocal, the ranch manager Rip Wheeler takes them across the border to Wyoming, kills them, then dumps their bodies in the deep ravines.  But first they brand them.  Yes, they actually brand their ranch hands.  This is the way John Dutton’s family has always run the ranch.  They choose ex-cons as their ranch hands for two reasons:  (1) They’re disposable.  No one misses them when they disappear.  (2) They’re willing to cheat, steal, beat, and kill the Duttons’ enemies and keep their mouths shut.  Jamie Dutton is the lawyer son who is involved in politics.  Bethany Dutton is the slutty daughter who’s also an alcoholic.  She’s says the most disgusting things, I was embarrassed for Taylor Sheridan for writing her this way.  In flashbacks, it’s revealed that she killed her mother.  Kayce Dutton is the youngest son who gets his oldest brother murdered.  That’s season 1 in a nutshell.  In season 2, Bethany robs the government to pay for land for the Duttons and Jamie runs for political office.  So, as you can tell, this is not a series most of us would want to watch.  I stopped watching three episodes into season 2.  It’s just awful.  Constant hate and death.  0/10 stars.

1883 takes place in Texas in 1883 as two former Union soldiers, Shea Brennan and Thomas, take a group of immigrants along the Oregon Trail from Texas north.  They begin too late, go too slow, and half of them die along the way.  All of this is solely attributed to Shea, who is a violent old white man.  He should be the guy with the name Dutton.  Along for the ride is James Dutton, his wife Maggie, his teen daughter Elsa, his young son Jack, his widowed sister Claire, and his teen niece Mary.

In the first three episodes we see Shea fly into constant rages which lead to multiple deaths.  We see Elsa falling in love with the land, and the cowboys.  And we see a lot of truths about wagon trains and the perils that they face–robbers, snakes, rivers, rapists, etc.

By episode 4, the series has become all about Elsa and her sexual escapades, first with Ennis, one of the cowboys she herds the cattle behind the wagon train with.  Then with a Comanche named Sam.  And she does this in front of the entire camp.

In episode 7 there is a tornado and where does the camera focus?  On Elsa making out with Sam as the tornado flies overhead.  Not realistic at all.  Just dumb.  (The photo above is from that scene.)

By the end of episode 8 she is parading around half-dressed screaming at the top of her lungs that she loves Sam and she’s shouting it to everyone, not just Sam.  It’s embarrassing, like something two 12 year olds would do on the school playground.

2/10 stars.  I really loved Wind River, but it’s clear now that was a fluke.  Nothing else that Taylor Sheridan has written is watchable and it all includes the most vile garbage.  I gave this series two stars because there is some truth to what he describes as the perils pioneers faced on wagon trains.  The rest was just tweener garbage. 

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