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10×10 2018 film

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10 x 10 is an odd name for a film, right?  This particular film is a thriller, not a horror film as described by many.

6 out of 10 stars.  The first hour of this film was fantastic.  But they really ruined it with the ending.

Kathy Hale is leaving her yoga practice in a strip mall when a middle-aged white man kidnaps her and takes her to the woods where he has his home.  There he puts her into a 10 foot by 10 foot soundproof padded room.  Over the next few hours he beats her, interrogates her, beats her some more, holds a gun to her head, and pretends he’s really a nice guy.  Uh, nope.

It is eventually revealed that her real name is Natalie Ann Deever.  She was emotionally abused as a child by her father and when her father left her family the church and the townsfolk turned on them, blaming them for her father’s many infidelities with the young women of the town.  Her twin sister Kathy then killed herself and Natalie was the one to find her.

Mr. Lewis on the other hand is the widower of a woman who Natalie killed while she was a nurse.  Apparently as a nurse three of her patients told her intimate details of their lives.  One had two wives and had horribly mistreated both of them.  One was a woman who’d thrown herself from a second story and accused her husband of doing it so she could get a huge divorce settlement.  The third was Mr. Lewis’s wife who’d been cheating on him for years and even had sex with the guy while she was in the hospital.  Yes, these were not nice people, so Natalie killed them.

Over the course of Natalie’s imprisonment she continually fights to stay alive and to escape while Mr. Lewis keeps beating her and interrogating her about her life.  When she finally gets the upper hand, escapes, and is about to kill him, his housekeeper and daughter suddenly walk in the door.  :0  Hello?  Throwing a wrench in the works in the last ten minutes of the film is just poor writing.  She kills the housekeeper and then between the daughter and Mr. Lewis they kill Natalie.  Not the ending I was looking for.  After everything he did to her, she deserved to get even.

Oh, the other problem with this plot was that he even watches a video of his wife that he took in their home and she’s texting with her lover while he’s filming.  Yep, he knew.

6 out of 10 stars. If you don’t mind the crappy ending, it’s okay for a night in.  I would not pay to watch it.

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