The 15 Best Halloween Movies

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Every Halloween this group has a scary movie marathon.  This is what we’re watching this year. 1. Lady in White 1988 A little boy is locked in an elementary school coat closet on Halloween and witnesses a murder.  As the … Continued

The Intruder 2018

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From the very beginning we know something is not quite right with Anna.  As her brother Connor slowly dies of pancreatic cancer he tries getting her out of the house.  She is severely agoraphobic.  That means she’s terrified of leaving … Continued

American Fable

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American Fable is a 2016 American gothic fairytale.  It takes place in the heartland of America, the Midwest.  5 out of 10 stars.  I was underwhelmed. Eleven year old Gitty spends her days walking the cornfields of her Midwestern farm … Continued

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