The 15 Best Halloween Movies

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Every Halloween this group has a scary movie marathon.  This is what we’re watching this year. 1. Lady in White 1988 A little boy is locked in an elementary school coat closet on Halloween and witnesses a murder.  As the … Continued

Counterpart 2018 Series

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After much hoopla, Counterpart aired season 1 on Starz.  It was really a letdown.  They could’ve done so much with this series.  Instead they made every episode about world-building rather than furthering the plot. 2 out of 10 stars.  The … Continued

Westworld Season 2 2018

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Season 1 of Westworld was confusing.  It goes way beyond Michael Crichton’s storyline of a robotic world gone amuck.  In this reincarnation the very wealthy come to Westworld to abuse the robots and have their deepest, darkest desires met while … Continued

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