Net Neutrality and You

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Over the past few months we’ve patiently been waiting the outcome of the net neutrality repeal by President Trump aka Cheese Nip.  While litigation is just beginning against the repeal, and although it is not supposed to take effect until April 22, 2018, several internet software providers including WORDPRESS have decided to begin collecting personal information from people who frequent sites which use their software.  As a direct result we have had our webmaster remove ALL WordPress plugins who track user information including JETPACK and AKISMET.  We have read the recent release by regarding what information they will and will not track and have acted accordingly to remove our site from any plugins.  If you find any plugin on this site tracking your personal information, please feel free to leave a comment.

It is our belief that people should be free to read articles on the internet for educational purposes.  It’s impossible to be free in a culture (or nation) if your visits to sites on the internet are tracked and collated and profiles are created which may affect your safety, your employment, your rights, and your ability to seek medical care.


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